Monday, March 15, 2010

behr paint and primer. woo hoo!

hi blog. its me... jenelle.

i went to the eye doctor today- worst experience of my life. almost. i think. ok not really. but it was so not fun. i, in fact DO NOT have pink eye, i have a corneal abrasion. that means a scratch on my eyeball. some antibiotic drops for a week and me and contacts will be back in business. because doing your makeup without contacts and glasses seriously sucks. my apologies to those who may have questioned the placement of my mascara- or any other vitals for that matter.

after the eye doc i went to the primary doc to cry about my sore throat. Z pack! yay! while there i ventured to inquire about birth control... all the while crossing my fingers that no one would know the date of my last pap. yeah, outta luck on that one, and i was not about to have someone look in my eye, my ears, nose, throat, and perform a pap all in one awful day.

in other news, it only took three years but we painted a wall in my house! tate now has an accent wall... accented with "windsurf"- a beautiful blue fit for a surfer's abode. next, i'll DECIDE on a surfer/surfboard/wave decal to put on the beautiful blue.

after finishing tate's room i'll be painting an accent wall in the living room. trying out paint colors right now. test number one: "english channel"- a big fat no. test number two: still to come... however, in the process i did come across a color befittingly called "retro avocado". i about died, and only my husband was with me to "appreciate" this color with me. if you know me, met me, have been to my house, anything really... you might know the way "retro avocado" speaks to my soul!

to do list: find something to paint "retro avocado"

Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

here i am

Hi Blog.

I'm alive, and I didn't forget about you. But- I AM POOPED. So here is an update in pictures because, guess what... Got my camera!! Yay!

Hubs trying out the camera on his favorite subject
(after the dog... yeah we got a dog GASP)

Cousins dancing/fighting/playing at the district last night

Bust a move

Elephant Karate?

In love with my little guy

And also my big guy

And the peanut too (she's saying "teeeeese")

Behold... The animal that lives in my house.
He is also called brown dog. We have no name for him yet.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Pregnant at Sixteen"

My new guilty pleasure is MTV's "Sixteen and Pregnant" show. I have now seen two episodes.... each episode is a day-by-day of a high school girl who happens to be pregnant. When I decided to tune my DVR in I expected to see a few responsible moms and then a lot of whiney girls. So far I have been incredibly impressed and moved to tears by these girls.

The situations they are in are HUGE and overwhelming and scary and exciting. I am just blown away by the manor in which these girls... these high school girls have just picked up and became mom. Both episodes were about girls who were star students and devout cheerleaders to boot. They both finished school and immediately started college.... and took labor by storm.

The episode tonight- Farrah.... while getting a tour of the hospital a few weeks before her due date the camera pans to her face and she looks terrifed. The look on her face resinated with me- deep. Hesitating to ask "gross" (her mom's word) questions she looks at her mom for reassurance and her mom rushes her along telling her not to worry about these "gross" questions right now. My heart just sank for her. I wanted to hug her and tell her all about episitomys, mucus plugs, and breast feeding (which she opted not to do because her mom told her it would make her boobs sag).

Farrah's mom made me feel even more grateful for the support of my family- my mom especially. How would things have turned out if my mom had shunned my questions and hesitated to help me labor? I feel like she was this minature (no, seriously like 5'0'') cheerleader clapping and clapping and clapping and cheering her loudest for me (she still does). And Jessica... my backbone! Jessica who didn't give me any dissapointed-in-you looks and was always there for anything my pregnant appetite could have dreamed up. Oh Applebee's Blondies you will forever reside in me... in the form of enourmouse love handles.

Back to Farrah- she's awesome and I feel led to pray and support all of these young moms. Maybe God has something in store for me...

Pregnant at 19.

My room turned nursery. SO TIRED lol.

I still wake up this way. Best way to wake up- EVER.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recent Girl's Gone Child post.

"Annie, Drop Your Gun "
posted by Girl's Gone Child on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 12:33 AM

The other day, while walking the dogs, a little boy extended his hand out a window.

"BANG BANG BANG!" he said. "You're all dead."

I was walking the dogs, Fable in her stroller, Archer on his scooter. I turned to him and then looked away. Pretended not to hear him, let it bother me. We kept walking.

Archer didn't respond and I got to wondering how he would have had he known and understood what the little boy was doing. Had he known and understood what a gun was, how it was meant to be used.Violence in any form churns my stomach. Always has. I turn away from violence in movies, forbid my children to watch movies where characters "good" OR "bad" kill one another. (That's why I like CARS. The only "bad" guys in CARS are the character's egos. No one dies or tries to kill anyone. The conflict is on the interior. Much more kid-friendly.) But I digress. I've been thinking quite a bit lately about weapons and violence, specifically the way violence is depicted on television - comic book superheroes saving the world by killing "bad guys"... "bad guys" that lurk in shadows and under beds and behind the mirror glass.

Many of Archer's friends at school carry X-Men lunchboxes, wear Spiderman shoes, Batman T-shirts. Archer doesn't know who Spiderman is. Or Superman. Or Wolverine. Or any comic book superheroes. The only television he sees is peaceful. I turn the television off when there's a preview for a show that involves violence of any kind.

Recently I've been wondering if this constitutes as sheltering.Oh my God, am I sheltering him? Am I?I've written at length about empowerment, about truth and telling it with eyes open, the heart exposed. I believe that fear comes from our inability to see, to trust and understand, educate and yet when it comes to guns, to violence, I can't do it. I can't talk about guns or weapons without feeling sick and sad, even fearful.

So goes my paradox: I'm afraid that by educating my child I will scare him. I will scare myself.We live in one of the largest cities in the world. Where drive-bys occur blocks from us. Where break-ins happen regularly. Where our own things have been stolen, our cars broken into, our things swiped from our porch. Three years ago, a man carjacked my husband at gun-point, stole his car and left him on the side of the road. He had just left the set of his job for his lunch break. There were dozens of witnesses. Everyone watched in shock.Many pro-gun advocates argue that carrying a weapon can ensure ones safety. I disagree. Had my husband been armed with a weapon and used it to defend himself someone could have easily been killed. Instead? Hal lost his car for two days until the cops recovered it in South Central where they arrested and jailed the criminal.

Using gun as defense seldom works to defend. Guns used as offensive weapons? Different story.I lost three friends in gun-related accidents in High School and since graduation. Two were accidental. One was suicide. I grew up in upper middle class suburbia where everyone lived gated existences. There was NO REASON for them to have handguns in the house. None. If gun control existed, I would have three friends alive. PERIOD.

Do I carry a gun in my house? Never. Do I believe in the right to bear arms? Yes. But I believe there should be stricter regulations. I believe that fear is the worst possible reason to carry a weapon and therefor will never understand why so many feel the need to "protect their families," especially when housed in gated communities in middle-class suburbs, alarms activated.

What are you afraid of? Guns are far more likely to kill innocent people than criminals when kept inside the home. Period.That being said, am I being naive to think I can shelter my son from fear by keeping violence away from his eyes? Perhaps. Is it important to teach gun safety to people of all ages? Yes. Will I be teaching my child how to properly use a weapon? No. Because I don't believe he should know how to kill.

To keep a handgun in one's house insinuates, in my opinion, a certain amount of fear, which is why guns are so scary.There will never be a happily ever after story involving guns because guns were invented with the sole intent to take life.For me, it all comes down to fear and teaching our children to resist it as much as they possibly can. I will be educating my children to live peaceful lives. To love and respect and stand up for themselves in ways that are empowering.And in my household? Guns will not be factoring into that equation.



My husband's response soon to follow (and also mine)... Until then, you can read the comments on Rebecca's post HERE.


Also, a preview of my husband's response:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

now, to figure out how to get the rest of it off.

update on the wallpaper (addison's).... she took off most of the wall she hadn't touched yet- pretty much one big swipe and half the border is gone. she's like a cat. wish my camera worked because then i'd post a picture of her beautiful wallpaper artwork. since i can't post a picture, just imagine her beautiful little pink and dainty room with TRASHED WALLS.
bless her heart. dsgfhjdskfhdgfjbvh,h


poor kids are sick. tate gasps for air and then coughs- we will be going to the doctor tomorrow.
i'm exhausted and its only sunday.


just because this picture makes me smile.

oh look, it was before addison ripped the wallpaper off of her wall...